How To Prevent Ticks Naturally ?

If you have reached this page, it means you have a tick problem or want to protect your dogs from the pesky parasites.

Nothing can be further than the truth, that it is difficult to get rid of them because of how they multiply and able to survive in extreme situations.

Did you know that ticks can lived up to 3 months to 3 years! That is why prevention is the best way to go to keep them away.

Here is a great natural prevention shared by a group of doggies & kitties activist at Planet Paws:

Here’s the recipe:

  1. 10 drops of cedar oil
  2. 10 drops of clove oil
  3. 10 drops of geranium oil

It is just that easy. We did it ourselves and we really find it very effective. There was a time when our pet hotel had some ticks and for months they linger. Once we had this cocktail of essential oils and try it, they are GONE!

Where do you buy the oils? Here’s how:

Cedar oil
Clove oil
Geranium oil

With the above recipe, you can easily make it more by using the same ratio, which is 1 part cedar oil, 1 part clove oil and 1 part geranium oil.

Example – 10ml cedar oil, 10ml clove oil, 10ml geranium oil

How to apply ?

Once you have mixed all the ingredients together, you can apply 2-3 drops on your dog’s clothing or collar.

You can also use an essential oil electric burner. We usually add a few drops into the water in the essential oil burner.

Hope this homemade remedy works for you!

We are going to keep going!

Year 2020

As the decade comes to an end, we will be in the new year in just days.

We are so happy to see that many pet businesses are providing the cage-free dog boarding now. It is really a good change from those traditional methods. The relationship between humans and dogs has indeed grown closer.

It was our vision to see that cage-free methods are being chosen by customers and other pet businesses for dog boarding. Even though others may just be our competitors but we would prefer to be positive about this for the greater good. If dogs are being treated better, why not ?

With that being said, we are constantly reviewing our business and hope to bring new services and improved on ourselves. Please expect the following for the coming year ahead:

  1. Closed every Sunday – Finally an official rest day!
  2. Pet Taxi service– where customers outside of Klang will be able to experience our services, or if you just want us to help sending your pet home.
  3. Pet Talk service – an additional service where pet parents will get a video WhatsApp/Facebook call from their own pets during boarding. Yes! You get to see and communicate with your pets!
  4. Strictly appointments via WhatsApp/website form. Unknown callers will be ignored.
  5. Those who failed to turn up for their appointments without informing us, will be blacklisted.
  6. Daycare – is no longer a service, but it is chargeable for late-pick ups. It is only chargeable if pick-up time is after 3.00pm for dog boarding. This will be waived if grooming service or pet taxi service is purchased by customer.

At Precious Paws, we will continue to improve to serve you better. Let us aim to build relationships among ourselves!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Last Minute [Dog] Boarding ?

Sudden need for dog boarding ?

Emergency happens to everbody. For first timers, we do not encourage pet parents for board their furkids at the last minute. If you have not used this service before, it can be frustrating to find the best one for your furkid.

As a pet hotel operator, we really do not encourage last minute bookings. The main reason is that pet parents might missed out bringing their dog’s vaccination card for registration. Did you know that it is a requirement under the Department of Veterinary Services guidelines for pet boarding? As such, all pet hotel operators are required to request the vaccination card from pet parents for record purposes.

Besides the vaccination card, please bring enough food for your furkid if the pet hotel does not provide them.

Kindly also ensure that your furkid has done the necessary tick prevention. This is to protect your furkid against any parasites and the pet hotel premise.

How Often Should Your Dog Go For Grooming ?

Hello dear dog owners!
To answer the above question, your dog needs to go for a bath every week, regardless short or long hair. Basic grooming is best every 2 to 3 weeks and full grooming should be around 4 to 6 weeks. Puppies are advised to finish their rounds of vaccinations before heading to the groomer’s.

Basic grooming includes shower, blow-drying, ear cleaning, nail clipping, paw pad shaving, anal shaving, belly shaving (applicable for all breeds)

Full grooming includes basic grooming and scissoring/clipping of whole dog (applicable for dog with lots of tangles and long-hair breeds)

If you have breeds such as poodles, schnauzers, maltese, yorkies, schnauzers or other breeds that fur grows long, you will need to send your dog for grooming frequently as mentioned above. While at home, you must take care of their fur so that they are tangled-free. It will be very difficult for the groomer to brush through every knots and have your dog be groomed and ready quickly. If there are too many knots in the dog’s fur, the only choice is the clip the fur short depending how deep are the knots. Your dog is suffering if their fur is tangled because the fur is pulling their skin and this may cause skin problems. Also, always check through your dog’s skin for ticks and fleas to avoid any parasite infestation in your home.

Be sure to select the right professional groomers. At first glance, the pricing will provide an indicator if professional groomers are hired by the pet grooming center. At the end of the day, you may judge by yourself by looking at how the grooming turn out to be versus the price paid. Always do your own research using the media social to view the grooming portfolio and make the right choice.

If your dog goes for grooming frequently, it will benefit them in the long run. Frequent visits will lessen their anxiety and they will eventually feel comfortable during grooming sessions.

Precious Paws Pet House

Best Services for Your Pets

Hello loyal customers and future customers!

We are so glad that we are able to bring more services to you!

The squeaky brand new services are CAT GROOMING and RABBIT GROOMING which are only available during weekends!

For CAT GROOMING, basic and full grooming services are available where prices starts from RM65.00.

As for RABBIT GROOMING, our prices starts from RM50.00.

Kindly have your cats or rabbits in their carrier when you bring them over for grooming.

Always read our terms and conditions before using our services.

At last, we can consider Precious Paws as a PET SALON!


28 July 2018

Yes, today is the day!

We are now located on the first floor. Now our pet customers can enjoy some view to the outside world!

We are open by appointment. Please contact our Whatsapp number which can be found on our facebook page to set your appointment.

Thank you for your kind patience in awaiting our reopening today.  We at Precious Paws Pet House appreciates each one of our customers!



Where Are We Moving To ?

No, we are not moving in a helicopter.

A big thank you to all customers that have made their pet hotel reservations early for the month of June 2018.  Really appreciate it!
We will be moving our butts to Bandar Puteri Klang starting 25th June 2018.  As such, we will be not be open for business 25th June 2018 onwards until we get our operating license from our local council.  We targeted to re-open by mid-July 2018.

Will the new location be better ? Yes, we certainly hope so!
The dog kennels will be upgraded – bigger and stronger! Cat cattery will be meters away from the doggies.

Price – no increase until 31 December 2018 !

Please be patient till we are open again in July 2018 and continue to support us !

A Year In Review! (Almost)

Wow! How has the year 2017 been for us?

Here’s the list of dog clients that we encountered in the year:

  • dog with separation anxiety
  • dog that is a fussy eater
  • dog that is blind
  • dog that bites the nanny
  • dog that is barky
  • dog that sounds like he has asthma
  • dog that knows how to use the toilet
  • dog that doesn’t know how to use the toilet
  • dog that poo as much as it peed
  • dog that is an escape artist
  • dog that is not friendly to other dogs
  • dog that is super friendly with other dogs
  • dog that humps every (male/female) dogs
  • dog that plays non-stop
  • dog that needs a light on during night time
  • dog that has diarrhea
  • dog that is passive
  • dog that has a lot of saliva
  • dog that doesn’t know how to play

Thank you for making our life colourful and fun