Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. Where is this place located ?
Answer: We are located in Bandar Puteri in Klang. Accessible using the Shah Alam Expressway (KESAS). Click here for our location.

2. Can I wait for my pet during grooming appointments ?
Answer: No, because with the owner being at the premise will trigger excitement and anxiety for your pet (especially dogs). An actively moving pet is dangerous for both the groomer and the pet. If you are not comfortable that your pet is left with us, we suggest that you move on to another groomer.

3. Can I book your pet hotel? Is it available ?
Answer: Our pet hotel service is by invitation only. Price is from RM75 per day for small breed dogs, RM25 per day for rabbits and RM40 per day for cats.

4. What are your opening hours ?
Answer: We are open by appointment only. Please Whatsapp us at +6011 2683 9181 to make appointment. Blacklisted phone calls/whatsapp messages will be ignored most of the time. Only known numbers will be answered.

5. What if I am late for my appointment or cancel because I couldn’t make it ?
Answer: Please contact us immediately if you are running late. We will only hold your appointment for 15 minutes. Rescheduling of appointment is usually required. No-show appointment without notice individuals will not be entertained in future. Please show respect to the agreed times. Our appointments are set for you and you only.

6. When is your closing time ? When is the latest time can I take my pet ?
Answer: Latest 6.00pm. PET GROOMING – Please note if you are late more than 1 hour from the “your pet is ready” message, your pet will be subject to day care charges.

7. Are you open on Public Holidays ?
Answer: We will be open for selected Public Holidays. Please take note of our closing days as stated in our Whatsapp status.

8. What is your official rest day for every week ?
Answer: Our official rest day is Sunday. However, we still accept grooming service appointments for our VVIP customers.

9. Do you provide dog vaccinations ?
Answer: No, only registered veterinary doctors are qualified for vaccinations.

10. Do you take in unwanted/abandon pets ?
Answer: No, please google search “animal shelter” or “animal welfare”.

11. Do you sell pets ?
Answer: No, please choose to adopt!