Boo Hoo! Twinkle-Twinkle Little Star

The world is a free world (especially if it is the internet).

We cannot stop anyone from giving us a one-star review (we often joke that one-star is better than zero-star!).  At least we know how our customers are responding to our services. Good reviews takes ages to come (- or NEVER -), but bad reviews comes in an instant! No joke! We’re talking about the same customer!

Good reviews are kept in personal profile while a bad review is posted PUBLICLY on google

We admit that we are a first time pet boarding service provider.  Many times we try to please customers just to get a business or to retain them.  Hold and behold, we are unable to comprehend a request, which in our opinion, is OVERBOARD or in Hokkien “kuei tao”.  But nevertheless, the one-star review was expected and we accepted it with an open heart ♥ because it is a customer’s request that we couldn’t fulfill.  From that moment, we knew we cannot please everyone.  If Precious Paws Pet House does not meet your requirement, we apologize.  But we try to be objective and the choices we make are strictly business.

We do read about other businesses that had some bad reviews, being shared on Facebook, etc.  If we are not business owners, we feel the same sentiment as any other pet owner.  Things like “how could they do this?” often comes to mind when we read something bad.  But now, as business owners in the pet boarding industry, we find that some things we must “give chance” and not just shout ” boycott”,  “don’t shop here anymore” and comment badly at every post that the shop makes. Read all reviews (good or bad) and overall rating matters.

Especially for grooming services, we really believe that all groomers (certified & qualified groomers) have no intentions of hurting your pet.  Your pet is their “rice bowl” and it is a daunting task to keep your pet still during grooming. Accidents do happen, but its your choice to forgive (or not).  Whether to go back and patronize again is really on individual discretion. Only you know if it is worth going back (not some stranger’s negative comments).

P.S.: This pet nanny/groomer cannot accept aggressive dogs especially during nail cutting.  We apologize for this inconvenience.

Building good relationships will bring you peace of mind 


A Year In Review! (Almost)

Wow! How has the year 2017 been for us?

Here’s the list of dog clients that we encountered in the year:

  • dog with separation anxiety
  • dog that is a fussy eater
  • dog that is blind
  • dog that bites the nanny
  • dog that is barky
  • dog that sounds like he has asthma
  • dog that knows how to use the toilet
  • dog that doesn’t know how to use the toilet
  • dog that poo as much as it peed
  • dog that is an escape artist
  • dog that is not friendly to other dogs
  • dog that is super friendly with other dogs
  • dog that humps every (male/female) dogs
  • dog that plays non-stop
  • dog that needs a light on during night time
  • dog that has diarrhea
  • dog that is passive
  • dog that has a lot of saliva
  • dog that doesn’t know how to play

Thank you for making our life colourful and fun