We are going to keep going!

Year 2020

As the decade comes to an end, we will be in the new year in just days.

We are so happy to see that many pet businesses are providing the cage-free dog boarding now. It is really a good change from those traditional methods. The relationship between humans and dogs has indeed grown closer.

It was our vision to see that cage-free methods are being chosen by customers and other pet businesses for dog boarding. Even though others may just be our competitors but we would prefer to be positive about this for the greater good. If dogs are being treated better, why not ?

With that being said, we are constantly reviewing our business and hope to bring new services and improved on ourselves. Please expect the following for the coming year ahead:

  1. Closed every Sunday – Finally an official rest day!
  2. Pet Taxi service– where customers outside of Klang will be able to experience our services, or if you just want us to help sending your pet home.
  3. Pet Talk service – an additional service where pet parents will get a video WhatsApp/Facebook call from their own pets during boarding. Yes! You get to see and communicate with your pets!
  4. Strictly appointments via WhatsApp/website form. Unknown callers will be ignored.
  5. Those who failed to turn up for their appointments without informing us, will be blacklisted.
  6. Daycare – is no longer a service, but it is chargeable for late-pick ups. It is only chargeable if pick-up time is after 3.00pm for dog boarding. This will be waived if grooming service or pet taxi service is purchased by customer.

At Precious Paws, we will continue to improve to serve you better. Let us aim to build relationships among ourselves!

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!