Oh Smell So Good! – PRUNUS S. Korea

Left to Right: Essense Pack Rinse, Aroma Mild, Natural Herb, Ultra White

Introducing new products from South Korea! Dog shampoos that got our customers comment: “Smells good!”.

These bottles comes in 500ml/500g only and the price is between RM32.00 to RM37.00 (zero GST) each.

If your dog is here for Precious Paws’ basic shower, our groomer uses the Aroma Mild Shampoo.

Here is some information on selecting the right shampoo for your dog:

ESSENCE PACK RINSE – Suitable for both dogs & cats. It is good for long hair dogs and cats that its hair gets tangled up often.

AROMA MILD  – Suitable for both dogs & cats.  For normal skin dogs and cat.  Low irritation shampoo with natural herbs. Natural anti-bacterial and fragrance.

NATURAL HERB – Natural ingredients which contains natural herbs extract for sensitive skin.  Natural anti-bacterial and fragrance.

ULTRA WHITE – Suitable for pets with white or bright hair with low allergic reaction. Shinier and healthier hair and skin with natural herbs. White snow shine system. Long lasting delicate and mild baby powder fragrance (no-joke!)

Seriously a wonderful brand of affordable pet shampoo in the market.